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This website (references below also as “our”, “web”, “site”) is operated by VF, a.s., IČO:  25532219, se sídlem Svitavská 588, 679 21 Černá Hora, zapsaná u Krajského soudu v Brně pod sp. zn. B 2681.

We commit ourselves to protecting and respecting your privacy. The following principles set out the basis on which the cookies on our website are used. Please read them carefully and, if you have any questions or objections, please contact us at, before you enter and browse our website.

These principles may be subjected to revision at times, according to the updates of the website. We recommend checking this information from time to time to make sure you approve of the performed changes. 

These principles are valid from 15.10.2016.


Our policy for using cookies

During your visit to the VF, a.s. website, you will receive one (or more) cookies, which are used mainly for improving your user experience and optimising our customer service.


What are cookies?

Cookies are simple text files containing an insignificant amount of information (letters and digits) that are stored on your device (computer, notebook, mobile) while visiting a particular website. Their main advantage is in allowing the website to identify the web browser or the user’s device.

What type of cookies does VF, a.s. use on their website?

The cookies on the VF, a.s. website are set by ourselves or by third parties (our contracted subjects). We use so-called Session cookies and Persistent cookies.

Session cookies are files that are permanently deleted from your device after leaving the website. On the contrary, Persistent cookies are stored in your device until their expiration (up to a maximum period of two years) or until they are removed from the device by yourself. The files help our company to detect your repeated visits to the website.


What type of cookies does VF, a.s. use on their website?

Cookies can be used in various ways. They are able to detect you while visiting VF, a.s. website and to provide you with customised settings according to your preferences. Cookies also make the interaction between you and the VF, a.s. website safer and faster. They enable us to provide you with ads not only on the VF, a.s. website, but also on other sites, and they provide you with customised functions by using plug-ins like “Share” buttons for social networks.


Type of cookie Purpose of use and additional information
Check-on While logged on the VF, a.s. website, cookies help us provide you with relevant information and customised settings.
Security We use cookies as supportive elements for security functions to detect malevolent activities and the breaking of the user contract.
Optimisation These files allow us to monitor anonymous user data (such as clicking tendencies) and provide long-term website functionality and smoothness for all users.
Preferences, functions and  services Cookies let us know of your language preferences and communication settings. They can also make filling in the forms on VF, a.s. website easier and more comfortable. Together with plug-ins, they can provide various functions and customised content.
Ads We use cookies to present you relevant ads both in and out of the VF, a.s. website, including cooperation with third parties, so we can continuously improve your experience and find out which ad you were interested in, which was displayed by you and which ad suits your needs and interests best.
Analytical and statistical Cookies help us understand how the visitors use and approach our website. Therefore, we can optimise the website according to the users’ demands to make it more user-friendly. Cookies also allow us find out how our website runs in various locations.
Performance Cookies are important for the correct functioning of the website and improvement of user experience. They help us remember your default settings, so that every consecutive visit is more comfortable, allowing us to simplify your searches.
Essential Essential cookies are used for the correct functioning of the website–they remember your choices and other information, so you do not need to put them in again.


Cookie control

Most browsers allow setting cookie preferences in their configuration.

If you want to reject or remove all cookies, you can do that in your browser. However, cookie rejection will have negative consequences on using not only our, but all websites. With regard to your user comfort, we strongly recommend enabling cookies while using our website and also keeping them in your device after the visit.

If you would like to receive more information about the cookies we use, contact us via email:



VF, a.s., ID: 25532219, with its registered office in Svitavská 588, 679 21 Černá Hora, the Czech Republic, is registered with the regional court in Brno under file no. B 2681 (hereinafter "VF"), while processing personal data, follows the rules established in these Principles of Personal Data Processing to ensure effective personal data protection and to prevent its abuse.

VF is in consortium with VF, s.r.o. (ID: 31442552, with its registered office in M.R. Štefánika 9, 010 02 Žilina, Slovakia). These companies work closely together and share some administrative, human, and IT resources, and form the VF Group (hereinafter "VF Group").

Personal data protection rules listed in these principles correspond to the obligations imposed on us by the Regulation on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC—Data Protection Directive (hereinafter "the GDPR").

Through these principles, we also inform about facts and rights, about which we must inform according to the GDPR, thus ensuring sufficient transparency and openness.

Personal data is processed based on procedures listed in these principles.

Our Data Protection Officer will provide additional information or explanation.


Personal Data Collection

Reasons for Personal Data Collection
Personal data is collected exclusively when needed to:

  • Perform a contract.
  • Provide a service.
  • Fulfil legal requirements.
  • Protect the vital interests of entities.
  • Our legal interests, if the fundamental rights and freedoms of the data subject do not have a priority in such a case.

Sending Messages for Direct Marketing Purposes

One of the legitimate interests may be personal data processing for direct marketing purposes—sending commercial messages. This means we can send information or offers of similar products or services to customers who have purchased our product(s) or taken advantage of our services. The sending of commercial messages can be cancelled at any time using a link included in the message or via the contact email address below.


In other cases, we may collect personal data only with explicit and free consent. This consent may be withdrawn at any time through contact information given in these principles. Specific conditions of personal data processing after consenting are always listed in each individual consent.

Obtaining Personal Data

VF does not collect personal data from publicly available sources, but only from subjects, or third parties that cooperate with VF and have obtained the personal data in accordance with the GDPR. When using personal data, VF always follows these principles and the GDPR.

We directly request personal data or obtain them within service subscriptions, contracting or the use of our services. Furthermore, we collect some personal data automatically—i.e. by using cookies on our website.

We will always inform about specific reasons for personal data processing in contracts, in the terms and conditions of services and on our website.

Use of Personal Data

We use personal data primarily to provide services, enter into contracts, perform contracts, fulfil legal requirements, and highlight changes in our services.

Personal data is also used to improve services and products.

Transferring Personal Data to Other Subjects

Transferring Personal Data

We will not transfer personal data to anyone, excepting cases listed in these principles.

Only employees authorised to work with personal data will have access to personal data. All employees authorised to access personal data are bound by a written confidentiality agreement, preventing them from disclosing any personal data. These employees were carefully selected, familiarised with internal personal data protection directives, and thoroughly trained to handle personal data and to know when it is possible to process it.

We will transfer personal data to some third parties, if necessary. These entities are called data processors. VF is responsible for ensuring that these data processors provide appropriate safeguards in personal data processing. All processors are carefully selected and contracted to fulfil their duties for personal data protection, thus ensuring the protection of personal data and minimising the chance of personal data abuse.

Third Parties to Whom Personal Data May Be Transferred

Here is a list categories of entities to which we may transfer personal data, and which can gain access to personal data:

Category of recipients

Purpose of the data transfer

Legal advisers

Use of legal advice.

Accounting and tax advisors

Use of accounting and tax advisory services

Marketing specialists

Use of marketing services.

IT service providers

IT management and user applications administration.

Website administrator

Website administration.

Online tools providers

Using these tools to improve service quality and customer experience.

Message sending providers

Sending commercial and other messages.


Shipping of ordered goods.


Subcontracting for ordered services.

Mutual data exchange occurs inside the VF Group, including personal data. Both companies, however, employ sufficient guarantees of personal data protection.

Personal data may be shared with other third parties to prevent a crime or reduce risks, if required by law, and where we deem it necessary in reaction to a lawsuit, or to protect the rights or property of VF, its partners, or data subjects.


xxxxxxxxxxTransfers Outside of the EU

Personal data is not transferred to non-EU member countries or international organisations except for transfers for the purpose of better data protection and backup, and situations explicitly listed in these principles.

Automatic Individual Decision Making and Profiling

While processing personal data, the VF Group does not employ any automatic individual decision making or profiling.

Personal Data Retention Period

The VF Group retains personal data only for the necessary period of time. If personal data is no longer needed for processing purposes, it is immediately deleted.

If the VF Group processes personal data based on a consent, the retention period is defined in that consent.

If the VF Group processes personal data because of legal provisions, it is retained for as long as the law requires. If the law requires the archiving of some data, this personal data is archived in accordance to that law for the required period.

If the VF Group processes personal data to enter or fulfil a contract or provide a service, the VF Group retains this personal data for 10 years after the contract has been fulfilled or service provided. During this time, personal data is only retained for the purpose of settling possible legal claims or court proceedings. This 10 year period corresponds to the maximum limitation period during which claims can be brought before the court.

Your Rights

Right to Be Informed

You may contact us at any time to confirm that we are processing your personal data using the contact information below. If we are processing your personal data, you have the right to access this information:

  • For what purpose we are processing personal data and what their categories are.
  • Who the data recipients and processors are.
  • For how long the data will be retained. If this period cannot be determined, the criteria used to assess this period.
  • For which personal data you can request deletion, or processing restrictions and raise objections against data processing.
  • About the right to file a complaint with a supervising authority.
  • About personal data sources.
  • Whether automatic decision-making or profiling takes place.

If requested, we will provide you with a copy of your personal data that we process. If you request more copies, their provision may be charged for the costs incurred. If your request is in electronic form, we will provide copies in electronic form, unless requested otherwise. We, however, have the right to request the verification of your identity to ensure that your information and the personal data do not go to an unauthorised person.

We will try to deliver the information as soon as possible, depending on the requested scope, however, within 30 days at the latest.

Right to Rectification

If you find out, that some of your personal data is inaccurate, incorrect, or incomplete, you have the right to have this data corrected, or amended without undue delay after contacting us.

Right to Be Forgotten - the Right of Erasure

  • You have the right to have us delete your personal data without undue delay if:
  • Your personal data is no longer needed for the reasons for which it was collected.
  • You withdraw your consent.
  • You object to its processing.
  • We have been unlawfully processing your data.
  • Data deletion will fulfil a legal obligation.
  • Personal data has been collected in connection with a service offer from an information society.

We will not, however, delete any personal data if there is any reason according to article 17 paragraph 3 of the GDPR.

If personal data was published or transferred to a third party, we will also ensure the deletion of this data, if technically feasible.


The Right to Restriction of Processing

You have the right to have your personal data processing restricted if:

  • You let us know that your personal data is inaccurate and until we review said inaccuracy.
  • We process your personal data unlawfully, but you request us to restrict its use instead of deleting it.
  • We no longer need your personal data, but you require us to have it to determine, exercise or defend legal claims.
  • You have objected to data processing, until its legitimacy is verified.

During the processing restriction, your personal data can only be stored. Data can be otherwise processed only with your consent, to determine, exercise or defend legal claims or due to public interest.

The Right to Object

You have the right to object to the processing your personal data if we use it for direct marketing purposes. Your objection has to be sent in writing using the contacts below. If you object to personal data processing for direct marketing purposes, we will no longer process your data to this extent, unless we can demonstrate legitimate reasons for processing, which predominate over your interests, rights or freedoms, to determine, exercise or defend legal claims.

The Right to Data Portability

If requested, we will give you your personal data in a structured, commonly used format, so you can provide it to another administrator. If technically feasible, you can request us to provide your data directly to the administrator you specify.

The Right to Lodge a Complaint

You can, at any time, lodge a complaint about personal data processing or non-compliance with GDPR obligations with a supervisory authority.

The supervisory authority is:

  • In the Czech Republic: Úřad pro ochranu osobních údajů, Pplk. Sochora 27, 170 00 Praha 7, ČR,
  • In the Slovak Republic: Úrad pre ochranu osobních udajov, Hraničná 12, 820 07 Bratislava, SR,

Implemented Measures

The VF Group has implemented personal, organisational, and technical measures to minimise risks to rights and freedoms and to protect personal data. For this purpose, the VF Group has trained employees who come into contact with personal data. All personal data in a physical form is secured from unauthorised access. Personal data saved in electronic form is subject to security standards and the data is secured from unauthorised access. The VF Group has prepared a risk analysis in order to prevent risks and to ensure the implementation of risk mitigating measures.

Data Protection Officer
The VF Group does not have an obligation to appoint a commissioner for personal data protection in the sense of the GDPR and we have not done so. We did, however, designated a Data Protection Officer, who is in charge of personal data protection. You can contact the Data Protection Officer to address any matters related to personal data protection at the email address

Contact Details
In the case of any requests, claims, or suggestions, you can contact us via email at or at the registered office address.


These principles were adopted on May 21, 2018. VF can change these principles if they remain in compliance with the law and GDPR. Any changes to these policies will be made available on the website. 



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