The Supply of a Tritium and C-14 Monitoring System for the Gaseous Effluents of the Yuzhnoukrainskaya NPP


In the past, Ukrainian power plants did not use any system solutions for tritium and carbon-14 monitoring in the gaseous effluents from ventilation stacks. With the improving attitude to effluent control and environmental protection of Ukrainian NPP operators, this field started to receive appropriate attention.

We contributed to the solution of the gaseous effluents radiation monitoring expansion by tritium and carbon-14 monitoring with a project for the Yuzhnoukrainskaya NPP . The subject of our delivery was full equipment set for the sampling, laboratory sample preparation, and measuring of the sample activity.


Supplied devices and equipment

  • V3H14C series tritium and carbon-14 samplers – 8 sets
  • A DJ-500 desorption unit – 1 pc
  • A laboratory radiometer/spectrometer for sample analysis by the liquid scintillation method – 1 pc
  • Radiochemical laboratory instrumentation
  • Laboratory glassware and tools
  • Sorbents, scintillation cocktails and other chemicals


Services and documentation

  • Design documentation;
  • Sample preparation and evaluation methodology;
  • System certification in Ukraine and metrological coverage of the project;
  • Acceptance testing;
  • Supervising the installation and commissioning;
  • Operator and laboratory personnel training.

By commissioning this system, the customer fulfilled one of their tasks focused on improving operation safety and environmental impact control.





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