Bialystock-technologie_nakladani_s_odpadyLiquid Radioactive Waste Measurement in Bialystok


The University Hospital in Bialystok, Poland was interested in improving their approach to the nuclear medicine department’s liquid effluent control.

We already participated in the modernisation of the local liquid effluent system in the design stage. In accordance with the operator’s requirements, we designed a system of vacuum decay tanks, together with an automatic instrumentation  and control system and a radiation monitoring system.

The acquisition of National Office for Nuclear Safety permit to use the supplied technology was also part of the project.


Supplied systems and equipment

  • A vacuum system of waste decay tanks
  • MAK-01 liquid effluent monitors
  • A workplace radiation monitoring system
    • AGM-02 ambient gamma dose equivalent rate monitors
    • LZJ-22 local display units
    • ASU-50 external alarm units
  • An RMS host control system and a database server


Performed works and provided services included

  • System design and the elaboration of the project documentation
  • A radiation protection plan
  • Equipment purchase and production, its delivery and installation
  • Control software development and implementation
  • System testing and commissioning
  • Professional staff training





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