The WAM series monitors are intended primarily for the quantitative and qualitative characterization of gamma radionuclides of radioactive wastes deposited in barrels of varying height, shape and weight. Typical applications are analyzes of low-level and intermediate-level waste to be deposited in a repository. The sophisticated WAMIS evaluation software allows the total barrel activity to be evaluated, including its distribution in the barrel.

VF produces two series of WAM monitors:

·      series WAM-200,

·      series WAM-300.

The WAM-300 series is equipped with a radiation system compared to the WAM-200, which allows to be determined the density of material stored in the entire barrel volume.

Due to the variable  customers’  requirements for measuring different types and sizes of barrels, various waste activities in barrels, different requirements for handling barrels, etc., WAM monitors are custom made.


  • MK-30P Měřící komora
  • HF Monitor kontaminace rukou a nohou
  • PAM-170 Přenosný monitor kontaminace
  • MDG-12S Monitor dávkového příkonu
  • RMS Radiační monitotovací systém

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