The WAM-300 monitors are intended primarily for the quantitative and qualitative characterization of radioactive wastes with overall activity from 3 kBq to 3 TBq (for Co-60) deposited in drums.

The WAM-300 series monitors are equipped with a sealed radionuclide source to correct for non-homogeneous material distribution in the waste drum. Eu-152 is used as standard, in case of need other nuclides can be used, e.g. Se-75.

WAM-300 monitors can be customized to various customers’ requirements for measuring different types and sizes of waste drums, various waste activities in drums, different requirements for handling drums, etc. 


  • WAM-200 Waste Assay Monitor
  • MK-30P Measuring Chamber
  • HF Hand-Foot Contamination Monitor
  • PAM-170 Portable Activity Meter
  • MDG-12S Directional Dose Rate Meter
  • RMS Radiation Monitoring System



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 Specifications, standards and device design may be subject to change with regard to device development or specific customer design, without prior notice of change.
Please contact our representative to confirm the information provided on this website.

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