The monitor is designed to measure the 132I radionuclide in the coolant of the primary circuit of a nuclear reactor, which is released into the coolant only in case of fuel cell leaks. The volumetric activity is measured using the 132I property, which emits two gamma photons of 667 and 772 keVwhen decayed. These photons are detected
simultaneously by 2 opposite GD-52 detectors, between which the measured liquid is guided in the tube.
The monitor consists of:

  • 2 × GD-52 based on 2.5" × 2.5" NaI(Tl) gamma detector (correct detector functionality can be checked by built-in test LED),
  • Sandwich shielding GD-52 (lead, tin, copper) near the pipeline with the measured liquid,
  • Stainless steel cooler GD-52, through which the coolant flows (ensuring that the maximum working temperature of the detector is not exceeded),
  • RPU-12 Data Acquisition and Processing Units with two 1024 Channel Analyzers (MCA) to evaluate data from detectors..


  • LAD-07 Liquid Activity Detector



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