The basic principle of calibration laboratories is to irradiate the instrument with the ionizing radiation of a precisely defined reference value and then check the response of the calibrated instrument for accuracy and correctness. The concept of the calibration laboratory is designed to enable remote instrument positioning during the course of calibration from safe areas.

VF offers the following basic types of calibration laboratory:

  • A gamma calibration laboratory
  • A neutron calibration laboratory
  • Special and mobile calibrators


  • OG-8 Gamma Irradiator
  • GI-06 Gamma Irradiator
  • IG-13 Gamma Irradiator
  • PGI-01 Panoramic Gamma Irradiator
  • NI-01 Neutron Irradiator
  • NI-08 Neutron Irradiator
  • CB-50 Calibration Bench
  • MDG-02 Gama dose rate detectors
  • MDG-04 Gama dose rate detectors
  • AGM-02 Area Gamma Monitor
  • MDN-01 Neutron dose rate detectors
  • RDU-22 Radiation Display Unit
  • ASU-50 Alarm Slave Unit
  • RMS Radiation Monitoring System
  • HF Hand-foot Contamination Monitor
  • PAM-100 Portable Activity Meter
  • PAM-170 Portable Activity Meter
  • PNM-01 Portable Neutron Dose Equivalent Monitor

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Specifications, standards and device design may be subject to change with regard to device development or specific customer design, without prior notice of change.
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