We deliver sophisticated radiation monitoring systems for industrial applications. The systems reliably detect ionising radiation and protect the safety of people, environment and technologies.

Our experience comes from practice.

We follow up technological and global trends and integrate them into our devices.

As one of the few producers and suppliers of radiation monitoring systems, we have direct experience with the maintenance and servicing of radiation monitoring systems in industrial faciliies.

Radiation Monitoring Systems for Industrial Equipment

Smart Directional Dose Rate Meters

MDG-12S , MDG-13S Smart Directional Dose Rate Meters

A dose rate meter for directionally dependent measurement, suitable for technological measurement in areas with multiple sources


Alarm Slave Unit

ASU-50 Alarm Slave Unit

An alarm unit providing clear visual and acoustic warning in case the signalling levels are overrun.


Noble Gas Monitors

NGM-300 series Noble Gas Monitors

Measurement of noble gas volumetric activity in various designs.




Continuous measurement of volumetric activity of radioactive iodine in the air during normal operation and also during emergency or post-emergency state of a nuclear power plant


Smart Dose Rate Meters

MDG-04 & MDG-08e Smart Dose Rate Meters

Gamma detectors for the measurement of dose or dose equivalent rates


Neutron Dose Rate Meter

MDN-01 Neutron Dose Rate Meter

A detector for the measurement of an ambient dose rate equivalent Ḣ*(10) in neutron radiation fields


Area Gamma Monitor

AGM-02 Area Gamma Monitor

An ambient gamma dose rate equivalent monitor. It incorporates a display and acoustic signalisation


Continuous Iodine Monitor

CIM-303 Continuous Iodine Monitor

The CIM-303 Continuous Iodine Monitor is designed for continuous monitoring of iodine activity in air under normal operational  conditions.


Radiation Monitoring System

RMS Radiation Monitoring System

A radiation monitoring system able to work with a large quantity of detectors, monitors, display and alarm units.


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Hot Cells and Semi-hot Cells

Our longstanding consulting and advisory activities in the field of shielding calculations and handling ionising radiation sources give us enough experience to design and build hot and semi-hot cells to work with ionising radiation sources for industrial use.

Our hot and semi-hot cells are always designed according to the needs and requirements of individual customers.

Our systems always meet legislative and locally applicable standards.

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Our team of experienced specialist, holding all the necessary permits from the State Office for Nuclear Safety ( Czech regulatory authority), provides services regarding disposal of ionising radiation sources.

We have state-of-the-art measuring devices designed and manufactured by ourselves, our own hot cell for working with ionising radiation sources, and certified transport and shielding containers required for ionising radiation sources transport.

We can dispose of the old irradiators with ionising radiation sources, or individual sources with regard to individual customers needs both in the Czech Republic and abroad.

Radioactive Sources Final Disposal

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Personal Dosimetry

Data about the doses received by personnel entering controlled zones in industrial facilities are very important for the operators of these facilities, regulatory authorities, supervisors and for all people entering these controlled areas.

We develop and deliver complete systems of personal dosimetry, which fulfil our customers’ technical, legal and economic requirements.

Our systems allow the optimisation of received doses and dose monitoring of individual people, who regularly enter a controlled area in industrial facilities.

Dispenser of Personal Dosimeters

DPD-02 Dispenser of Personal Dosimeters

A device for automatic, fast and controlled issue of personal dosimeters to personnel entering controlled areas


Electronic Personal Dosimetry System

SEOD-MP Electronic Personal  Dosimetry System

Software for record and evaluation of personnel monitoring by means of electronic personal dosimeters


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We have developed many types of portable instruments to detect contamination, dose rate or neutron flux with regard to the requirements of our customers from various industries.

These portable devices perform the ionising radiation, contamination or neutron flux detection in different industrial areas and plants.

Our portable and laboratory instruments are developed according the requirements of our customers.

Portable and Laboratory Equipment

Portable Surface Contamination Monitor

Radcount-3 + SFP-100 Portable Surface Contamination Monitor

The Radcount-3 with SFP-100 monitors are portable hand-held instruments primarily intended for the measurement of surface contamination.


Portable Activity Meters

PAM-525 Portable Activity Meters

Handheld portable devices designed for simultaneous measurement of surface contamination by alpha/beta emitting radionuclides and ambient gamma dose equivalent rate.


Portable Activity Meters

PAM-170 Portable Activity Meters

Handheld portable devices equipped with scintillation gasless detectors are intended for the surface activity measurement of alpha, beta, and gamma radionuclides.


Portable Neutron Meter

PNM-01 Portable Neutron Meter

The portable monitor is intended for measuring a dose rate equivalent to Ḣ*(10) in neutron radiation fields


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Personnel and object contamination

Contamination monitors dedicated to measuring personnel and object contamination at the exits from the controlled areas of industrial facilities serve to avoid contamination spreading outside of these areas or other defined spaces.

We have developed, and with worldwide installations verified, our contamination monitors of the whole body, hands and feet, floors, clothing and several types and sizes of object contamination monitors customized to the customer’s requirements and needs.

Hand-Foot Contamination Monitor

HF Hand-Foot Contamination Monitor

Hand and feet contamination monitors are intended for the signalisation of alpha, beta, or gamma radionuclides contamination on hands, feet, or clothing


Floor Contamination Monitor

FloorScan Floor Contamination Monitor

A device intended for signalisation of floor surface contamination 


Laundry Contamination Monitors

LCM-300 Laundry Contamination Monitors

A device intended for the detection of laundry contamination by alpha, beta, and gamma radionuclides. It can be also used for checking the contamination of other objects of a suitable size




Highly sensitive personnel portal monitor for personnel passing through it


Smart Frisking Probe

SFP-100 Smart Frisking Probe

Standalone probes suitable for the detection of surface contamination by alpha, beta, and gamma emitting radionuclides


Hand-Foot Contamination Monitor

HF-4 Hand-Foot Contamination Monitor

The HF-4 series hand-foot contamination monitors are intended for the measurement of surface contamination by alpha, beta and gamma emitting radionuclides on hands, feet, and clothing.


Frisking Contamination Monitor

FCM-11 Frisking Contamination Monitor

A quick check for personnel or object surface contamination. In combination with a suitable detector from the SFP-100 series, it can detect alpha, beta, or gamma contamination


Tools and Materials Contamination Monitor

MCM-300 Tools and Materials Contamination Monitor

The MCM-300 monitor is used for contamination monitoring of tools and/or materials by radioactive substances.


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